Topkapi Palace


topkapi palace

Contruction started in 1459. It is used as the center of the state until the middle of the 19th century.

It has consisted a lot of structures: Manor houses,bedrooms,Treasure, kitchen, Room of Hirka-i Saadet where belonging of the prophet and calphs were kept, Gulhane hospital, Sultan III.Ahmed Library,Enderun school, the Church Hagia Irene . Jewels of the original treasury, the armoury, silk ceremonial robes, Chinese ceramics and the collection of manuscripts are exhibited.

All Sections

Privy Stables
Imperial Council Hall
Dormitory of Hallberdiers With Tresses
Chinese and Japanese Porcelains
Glassware and Yıldız Porcelains
Kitchen Utensils
European Porcelains and Crystals
Hall of Audience
Sultan Clothes
Treasury Rooms
Library of Ahmed III
Sacred Relics Department
Sultan Portraits
Baghdat Pavilion
Revan Pavilion
Circumsission Room
Sofa Pavilion
Sofa Mosque
Head Psyhician's Tower