Miniaturk theme park

Sütlüce - Beyoglu / Istanbul


Established on 60.000 sqm area in total, Miniaturk is composed of a market place of 15.000 sqm, green area and outdoor spaces of 40.000 sqm, indoor space of 3.500 sqm.

Models of 1/25 scales of selected works of Turkish and Ottoman geographies : 126 models, including 59 ones from Istanbul, 55 from Anatolia and 12 from the Ottoman geography that remains outside the territorial boundaries of Turkey today, are shown.

Some of the models: Hagia Sophia, Selimiye, Rumeli Hisari, Galata Tower, Safranbolu Houses, Sümeli Monastery, Dome of the Rock, Mount Nemrut reminiscent, and the Temple of Artemisia, Halicarnassus Mausoleum, Ecyad Tower .

Istanbul Crystal Museum with 16 precious historical artefacts are shown in a crystal glass in 3D via a special method of laser.

Miniatürk Panoramic Victory Museum: The selected scenes from the War of Gallipoli and War of Independence pictures on the background, 3D models integrated with audio and sound elements.


Souvenir shop

Car park area with a capacity for 500 vehicles.

Opening - Closing hours:
09:00 and 19:00 every day.

Address: Sütlüce Mahallesi, Imrahor Caddesi 34445 Sütlüce - Beyoglu / Istanbul
Phone:0 212 222 28 82

Watch video : Miniaturk