Binbirdirek Cistern



Binbirdirek cistern was built in the 4th century in order to meet the water need of the palace of Senator Philoxenus.It was the second biggest water reservoir of Istanbul. It is built in 4th century. It is used by the thread benders in the 19th century.

Cistern is a massive reservoir that is surrounded with a thick wall all around. Inside the cistern there were 224 columns (16 rows x14 columns) with the dimensions of 64m, 56m, 40m. Today, there are only 212 columns. The turkish name 1001 is used in order to emphasize the multiplicity of the columns not the number of the columns.

Address: Imran Oktem Cad.Binbirdirek Mah. Sultanahmet, Fatih , Istanbul
Phone:+90 (533) 204 1001